Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hard Day's Night

Last night I went to see 1964, the Tribute (a Beatles tribute band) with my-cynical-ex-boyfriend Todd. It looked a lot like a date, I mean, he made me dinner first and then we went. But that's not the point. It was a lot of fun, 1964 is a pretty good bunch of Liverpudlian immitators. It's about the closest thing I'll ever get to seeing the Beatles in concert considering half of them are dead (>sniff<, George). They played mostly older stuff. A lot off of Hard Days Night nothing from Abby Road (probably my favorite album) or Magical Mystery Tour and only one or two off of Sgt Peppers, Revolver or Rubber Soul. But, if you're really a Beatles fan, you like the early stuff as well as the old. It was a good time.

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