Thursday, March 03, 2005


I'm house-sitting my Grandma's condo this week. She has two very spoiled kitties who can't be left alone for too long. Well, they can, but they don't like it and, like I said, they are very spoiled. They really are sweet felines though, I call them the Goober Twins. They don't look like twins, but they did come from the same littler. Cosmo is huge and fat and an attention whore. You can't sit down without him jumping in your lap. He's got some siamese in him too, so if you do something he doesn't approve of you REALLY hear about it. Rosie, his sister, is a sweet little calico. She's more aloof and wild than Cos. When she does decide to be a nice 'lap' cat, she prefers to sit on either my chin or neck. She's a good little goober. Anyway, last night they kept themselves busy by hiding my car keys under a dresser. That made it fun for me when I tried to leave for work and discovered I had no way of unlocking or starting my car. Ok, so I could have broken a window and hotwired it, but that's a little sketch. Anyway, I looked under half the furniture in the condo before I found them. Cosmo and Rosie followed me around and were rewarded by many little baubles they had hidden under various couches and bookshelves. It'll all be back under furnature by the time I get back there.

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Alan C. said...

Thanks, Cassie, for visiting I definitely appreciate your comments. Feel free to come back often, as I hope to have more stuff up there. It's my way of making myself write.

Even though I am not a cat person myself, you seem pretty cool. :-) I can't help it. I just love dogs. Always have. But I think we can still manage to co-exist peacefully. jk.

I hope to hear more from you soon.