Monday, May 05, 2008

New Additions

There was a huge pet adoption thing this weekend in my fair city. I didn't go... was pretty busy not-camping (sad... but I had fun anyway). Roommate did go and she couldn't resist the cuteness so she came home with a cat.

This is River Tam (yes, we are that geeky). Before Roommate adopted her she was Charlotte, but we have a dear friend named Charlotte, who is actually very allergic to cats, and that would be weird... having a cat named after Chaye.

Anyway, River is 5 years old but tiny for her age. She's a little blind so her eyes look a little weird. She's super sweet, almost to the point where she is annoying. She's been following me around all morning getting under my feet and purring. Now she's sitting on my lap, which is better than where she was a minute ago- on my keyboard. What a good kitty.

I am a little worried, of course. We don't have a history of being the cleanest humans ever so I'm a little concerned about having gross cat mess all over. Also River is not de-clawed so I'm a little worried about my new couch. Roommate is getting a big scratching post though and neither of us have really seen River do much to shred the furniture.

She really is very sweet. Here's another picture of her doing the cute kitty thing.


veganaron said...

Ur kitteh iz cute. I can haz it?

plz? kthnxbye.

Cassie the Great said...

No. But you can come visit her any time you want to. It's not far, just a few states away.