Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ah the trends

What's so great about MYSPACE anyway? For some reason it kinda bugs me. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's too trendy, but that didn't stop me from buying and i-pod (mini, green, I love it) or from jumping on the blog bandwagon (obviously). And Myspace, if I try to justify it, is a great way to pretend to communicate (since that's what we do on this internet thing). I mean, I could blog, e-mail, IM, everything I would ever want to do. I just don't like it. And for me, it wouldn't really be all that usefull because none of my friends are on it. Exept Arrakis, but that's new. I know many of my friends would have nothing to do with it anyway, most of them don't know about it and if they did, they wouldn't use it. So what's the point? I have this little blog to dispence my random drivel to anyone who wants to hear it, I have two e-mail adresses that people can use to e-mail me, and I have Trillian which means I have Yahoo! AIM and MSN all in one messenger. MYSPACE would be over kill. Besides that, I don't especially like the people I know who are on Myspace (Arrakis excepted). That may just be coincidence. Besides, I've heard rumors that it turns people emo.

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