Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saw It

Saw the much anticipated (by me anyway) Hitchhikers Guide last night. Have to say it is bloody brilliant. Apparently I'm going again tomorrow with the Family. Smashing good movie though.
I'm feeling very British today. Apart from seeing the movie, which is very British in many ways, I just finished reading Bridget Jones' Diary. The book is a bit better than the movie. I wouldn't recommend reading it. I thought it might be interesting. It wasn't really. Now I have a hankering to re-read Pride and Prejudice. It's the same story after all and Austen has a much better grasp of literary everything.
That was a bit of a digression, I was just trying to explain my odd British mood. So pip pip cheerio, fancy a spot of tea, right. Bloody hell.

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