Sunday, April 17, 2005

He Started It

Do you suppose spending too much time in a childish place (read: toy store) causes people to act more childish? Or maybe those people are just childish to begin with and the environment brings it out in them. I'm talking about Clint - who I work with at toyland. Yesterday we both worked the all day Saturday 9:30-6:30 shift (although he didn't show until 10:15). In that time he pulled my hair, threatened to cut my hair off with the scissors we use for wrapping, threw several balls at my head, thunked me with a package of clay, threw not a few art kits at me, and scribbled on my arms with a giant pen. All this on top of the usual bantering and bickering that we always seem to get caught up in (much to the amusement of Lucy). Near closing, Allison (the manager) walked out of her office, looked at my arms and looked at Clint and laughed. Derek has often referred to this kindergarted kind of flirting as our "romantic moments." Somehow I get the feeling that Clint and I are a favorite topic of 'office gossip' (in as much as the toystore is an office). As for me, I think it's fun, but it's not like I like the kid. And he has a girlfriend who he claims to be rather in love with.

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