Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blustery Day

I have mountains in my front yard. They're not really mountains but more foothills. Anyway, near the top of one of these hills there is a big rock that Highland High School has painted with an H. We call it the H rock (very original). Anyway, earlier today I decided to treck up to the H rock (quite a walk up a very steep hill). When I got up there I sat on a smaller rock and looked down at my house and out at the valley. It is really windy today and I was getting very windblown. When I decided to leave I realized that I had four choices. I could walk into the wind, with the wind, just sit there and be blown but not go anywhere or walk perpendicular to the wind and end up in a ravine or someone's back yard. What a metaphor huh? Obviously the last option is a bad one. If I walk with the wind, it's easier. There is no resistance but I have to go pretty far out of my way and probably take a good half hour longer to get home. If I walk against the wind it's harder but more direct and possibly more fun. If I just sit there, it's boring and nothing gets done. And eventually the wind turns cold and I feeze to the rock and never get anywhere ever. Any way you look at it I end up with sexy wind-blown hair though. Of course, some people think there's the fifth option of changing the direction of the wind. Seems like a good idea, but it's a lot harder than you might think. And if you're thinking straight then you're going to think that it's pretty damn hard so if it's harder than you think it's gotta be DAMN hard. I decided to walk into the wind.

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