Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Attempted Noir

I saw Sin City this weekend. I really didn't like it much. Now, before you go and say that I don't appreciate such stylized films, let me defend myself. I actually really liked the style and I thought it had tremendous potential that it didn't quite reach. The black and white with the highlighting was really neat and well done. The things that they chose to highlight were well chosen and added to the film. What I didn't like was the rediculous dialogue that sounded like it was taken straight out of the comic book and slapped into the script. Now, I have nothing against comic books, but you need to do a little bit of revising before you try to put it on screen. I also thought it dragged on a little too long. It was just over two hours and throughout the last half-hour/45 minutes I found myself checking my watch every 5 minutes. If they had cut out the pedifile bit with Bruce Willis (I have nothing against Willis, I just was very disturbed by the 19/71 age ratio, not to mention the yellow guy, that was yucky) it would have been much better. Basically it was trying too hard to be sort of classic Film Noir but fail pretty much after the first scene. Plus the blood looked like bird shit half the time. That just was odd to me.

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