Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear Old Dad

As most everybody already knows (thanks to the million "Dads and Grads" ads out there now) Father's day is right around the corner. Father's day is a really hard holiday because my dad is not an easy person to shop for.

He has hobbies, true, but they all either require expensive gadgets (he does photography) or he has pretty much everything he needs. Maybe if I were rich (which I'm not. But speaking of money, I owe American Express less than $1,000 now! Yay! I should have my soul back in just a couple months! Back to dad) I could get him some super cool camera thingy or something fancy for his bike.

I almost always end up resorting to a DVD or CD. Usually it's something that I give him because I really want it, and it's easy to borrow Dad's stuff. This year he gave me a specific title. I'll most likely give him the DVD. It's easy. It doesn't feel very meaningful though. What a cop-out gift. Can't our parents be appreciated without us buying some silly little bauble?

Along those same lines, Amazon has Coolest Father's Day Present Ever! Seriously, it rocks. To really appreciate the awesomeness of it, you have to read the customer reviews.

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