Thursday, June 14, 2007

Follow the Fold...

...And stray no more. One of our clients at work just a moment ago asked me where I went on my mission. Apparently I have the niceness you get when you go spread the "word of our lord" for two years. When I told him I hadn't gone on a mission because I am not LDS, he was very disappointed. He said he was going to pray for me.

After his meeting, on his way out the door, he said he's going to "find a nice young man and send him my way." Not really knowing what to say to that, I just smiled and nodded. Now I'm afraid I may get accosted by missionaries while at work. Won't that be... interesting.

Ah the joys of living in Utah. At least we don't have any Jehova's Witnesses. I hear they're nearly as bad (if not worse) than the mormons. I could go on some rant about organized religion and how much it bothers me when one group of people tries to impose its beliefs on others. I'm not in the mood to rant today though.

I am in the mood to tell all my loyal readers (2 of you?) about the movie I saw last night. Day Watch is the sequel to Night Watch, a bloody fantastic Russian Horror movie. Night Watch was really amazing and Day Watch is perhaps not quite as good but still well worth seeing. Here are the trailers for both (Night Watch frist cuz it's the first in the series)

There's a third installment too which is in production (I think) called Dusk Watch.

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