Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Warning: You May Find This Post to be Cheesy as Hell (they have cheese in hell?)

This morning at work somebody thanked me for smiling at him. It the kid who delivers paper for our massive-big-pieces-of-paper printer and today he had several roles of paper that he was dropping off. This meant he had to take several trips back and forth. When he first came in, I did the "hello, how are you" basic greeting, and every time he went past my desk, I looked up and smiled. Not really a big deal, one would think.

On his way out the door after he had dropped off the final roll of paper, he said to me, "thanks for the smiles. I've been having a kinda bad morning and that was really nice."

I told him he was welcome and that I hoped his day would get better. I was a little surprised that such a small gesture on my part could have much impact on his mood.

Now that I think about it though, there have been days when I haven't necessarily been in the best mood and I've passed a stranger in the street (or somewhere) who smiled at me and made me feel much better. Corney as it sounds, that kind of random happiness is quite contagious. I kind of wish more people would bother to look around them and grin occasionally instead of brooding in their on little universe. I don't know that it would really make some huge difference in the world, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

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