Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Halloween Gods are Smiling Gimacing at Me

What a great day it is!!! No wonder Halloween is my favorite holiday.

This morning I discovered that a paper I thought was due Monday is actually due Friday. This is really good because I didn't actually turn it in on Monday. I was going to make up a really good excuse for its lateness, but now I don't have to.*

I'm wearing saddle shoes. It's fun. I dressed as a 1940's hep cat chick. I makes me want to go swing dancing though. God, I miss that.

At work for lunch we had a pot-luck thing so I actually got to escape the isolation of the front desk and mingle with the other people who work here. It makes my job slightly less draining to actually, you know, interact with people. Now that I think about it, it makes a normal day feel that much more draining and soul sucking. But there is this to make me smile about it:

Not that I would actually stab my boss. El Douche maybe. Still it's amusing.

When I went past the break room on my way back to my prison desk, I commented that there was enough food to last us quite a while if there was a zombie invasion and we all had to hole up downstairs. I love being a geek.

Speaking of Zombie invasions (and me being a geek), check this out and be afraid, be very afraid.

*I know my Dad reads this sometimes so I would like to take this footnote to hypnotize him into not remembering that bit about me not turning in a paper on time. And anyway, it all works out in the end. Dad, you are getting sleepy, very, very sleepy....

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