Monday, October 29, 2007

Workin' 9 2 5

Good news!
I have a job interview on Wednesday.

Wait... don't I already have a job?

Yes. But it is not a fun job. I have sometimes come home completely exhausted because I was so bored at work. Plus... well, the other day (at work) I made a list of 26 reasons why my job sucks.

Is it really that bad?

I guess not. That is, all 26 reasons were valid, but I was sort of nit picking. The interview I'm going to is for a bookstore though. Yes, it would be retail again (I dislike my current job so much I miss retail), but a part of it would be doing Storytime which would be super cool. Plus (you may have noticed) I'm a bit of a bibliophile so working with books is going to be awesome for me.

Good for you. Wait, Wednesday is Halloween.

I know. The only sad thing about this interview is it gets in the way of dressing up too much for my favorite holiday. This:

is not exactly going to make a good, proffessional impression. Although the sword might help things a little. Hmmmm.

Oh well, I will still dress up a little because we have a costume contest at work and I cant not dress up at all. Nothing too elaborate though. And I'll change for the interview.

Anyway, wish me luck on Wednesday.


veganaron said...

Good luck yo!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!


Cassie the Great said...

Thanks guys!