Monday, February 25, 2008

Irrelevant Title

I kind of feel like my brain has been wrapped in cotton. It's the fault of this cold that showed up on Thursday... well, Wednesday night really. Pretty sure it's the same cold that everyone and their mother has had the last few weeks. And what a joy it is. It seems to be getting better though. I'm not coughing as much today, and things (yucky cold things, like mucus... eeeeew) seem to be draining out of me at a promising rate. I've been drinking an epic shit ton of fluids (mostly tea) and generally taking things easy. This is actually the first weekend in a long time that I haven't gone out, it's been kind of nice. Relaxing.

I was inspired by a post over at Caffeinated Librarian to get this book from the library. Not because I need dating advice, or that I think Austen is the best source for modern romantic advice (though, looking through the book, it does give kind of an interesting perspective). I got the book because it has a quiz at the back to determine which Austen woman you are. And really, who doesn't want to know that?

Arrakis and I both took it. Despite having different answers for almost every question, we both turned out to be Elizabeth Bennets. I have no problem with that. Really, who wouldn't want to be Elizabeth? She's charming, clever, fun-loving, and several other admirable qualities. She's almost certainly the most beloved Austen character.

I was just barely Elizabeth, actually. I was one point away from Mary Crawford who is described in the book as "bitchy, clever and cynical." Gosh. That sure doesn't describe me at all. *wink*

I actually think the quiz is pretty accurate. I can certainly see myself as a weird mix of Lizzy and Mary. Of course, the Elizabeth side is the one that should be nurtured. After all, Mary is almost the villain of Mansfield Park. And though she is pretty and clever, she's just not a very good person.

At least I didn't turn out to be Emma. Or Fanny.

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