Friday, February 22, 2008

Violet Sky

I am officially unemployed! Woooooooo
Good riddance to Job-From-Hell!

To celebrate, I went shopping for a Little Black Dress- because every girl needs a perfect little black dress. I failed to find one (well, I found plenty of black dresses, but none perfect). There is still time though. After all, a LBD is kind of just a wardrobe staple, and can be acquired at any time. I would like one by the end of the month though, because I will have a few occasions for a little black dress in March.

I am now home fairly early for a Friday night. Drinking tea and preparing for bed. I seem to be coming down with something (which will make my doctors appointment next week more or less useless. Odd, eh?). I've had a terrible cough all day yesterday and today, and my voice has been more or less absent. I feel pretty fine otherwise, but I'm sort of tired now tonight. A good night's sleep is certainly not going to hurt anything. Hey, at least I wont miss work though, because I have no work to miss!

Hopefully I will get a new job soon though so I can have money and stuff.

In other news, remember Thing 1 and Thing 2? Well, things have gotten very interesting with both of them. Part of me is highly amused with it all, but part of me is very wary about it. If things weren't happening to me personally, it would all be a very fascinating and absorbing story. As it is, I think it may be somewhat dangerous. I wont say any more about it though, especially since Thing 1 figured out that he is Thing 1 (it was almost as humiliating as I expected it might be) and so I shouldn't say too much.

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