Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Birds Do It, Bees Do It

This week spring seems to have finally really arrived. The last several days have been warm and sunny and absolutely lovely. Yesterday I managed to get out on my bike for more than the few blocks between my apartment and campus. I rode to class then my grandma's (she's out of town and I'm making sure her cats don't starve while she's gone) and back... all in all about 17 miles.

It was a beautiful day for riding. There was a little wind, which is never really fun, but otherwise it was perfect. It's really nice to get back on my bike. Really I need to get serious about riding again. I have two big rides in June I want to do and it's never too early to start getting in shape. Actually, I'm surprised I didn't lose more over the winter- I pretty much didn't do any riding or anything else to really help me stay in shape. Being back on my bike now is easier than I thought it would be. Maybe it's all the dancing I've been doing? I have no idea, but I'm not complaining.

My fun little ride ended rather tragically. First flat of the season. Blah. I had timed things so that I could ride home from Grandma's with about 20 minutes to clean up before I went to class. The flat kind of blew that for me. I actually called for a pick up because I didn't have time to fix the flat and get back home. While I was waiting for my ride, I patched my tube and had a major fight with my tire. I just put new tires on my bike and they are a bitch to get on and off- something that you need to do to fix a flat. Stupid tires.

Anyway, besides the lovely biking weather, spring is bringing good news on the employment front. I was offered a job at a credit union right by my house. It was a good, but kind of boring job, and I was supposed to be training for it this week. However, last week I landed a gig at the library (perfect for me, eh?) which is a much better fit for me. It's actually only part-time... sort of.

It's a sub job and there is a limit to the number of hours a year I can work. However, since I'm starting a few months into it, I can be working at least 30 hours a week for now and then I can cut back hours in the fall and go back to school full time. I basically get to create my own schedule - I pick which shifts I want to cover and how much/little I want to work. It does have it's downfalls though too: to really get a lot of hours, I'll have to go to libraries all over the valley, which means lots of drive time (but it could also mean long bike rides, which would be good!). But if the commuting sucks, this job is a great way to get into the system and makes it more likely that I will be hired at one of the branches if a permanent position opens up.

There's also a lot of training, which doesn't start until next week, and is only a couple days a week. So I'm not exactly going to be rolling in dough for a while. But that's ok. I actually haven't touched my savings since quiting DeathJob so I'll manage to get by for a little longer. My big money saving strategy: Start dating no fewer than 3 guys. They can pay for food and recreation so all I have to worry about is rent.

Just kidding. I wouldn't date someone just for their money.


veganaron said...

Yes, yes you would.

Cassie the Great said...

I would not! That would be wasteful. I would have to be able to use them for a few other things too.