Monday, March 03, 2008

Marching In

Hooray! It's March! That means warmer weather (right?). And that means time to get out on my bike again.

I actually spent a few hours on Saturday fixing up my bikes. Bike1 got new tires, some truing (I actually am just learning how to do that) and a spiffy new rack. It was actually in decent shape to start out, except for the tires. Frankenbike (the fixed gear) needed a little more work. I got to mess with the chain and fiddle with the seat plus the usual fiddling with things and cleaning, you know, like you do. Both are ready to be ridden now though, I am pretty psyched about it.

Saturday afternoon it snowed. Aaron, I know you read this and will probably give me shit for not being an all weather biker. And, it's true, I had great plans to ride through the winter. But I am kind of a wuss and like it to be sunny and fine when I'm on my bike, or at least not freezing and snowy. Plus, it's been kinda windy. Wind= scowling frowny face. Hopefully things will turn (and stay) happy and warm soon.

In other news, I'm still searching for new employment. I haven't heard from the place I interviewed at last week. I had an interview at the library today, but there's a sub who's applying for that job and will probably get it. She's already trained and everything, so it makes sense. The hospital my dad works at is desperate for a PR assistant. I'm sending them my resume tomorrow. That could be a lot of fun because I would get to do a lot of traveling. I might have an edge there too because they all know me, and I'm a former patient.

In other other news (but actually kind of related to what I started with, thus bringing this post full circle. Aren't circles awesome?), my buddy Aaron (he's popular in my blog today) wants to arrange a cross-country bike ride to raise funds and awareness for Wegener's. How groovy is that? Of course, he's not allowed to do this without me. We're looking at next summer (2009). There is a lot to do, so anyone interested in helping out will be loved forever and ever.

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