Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Irish Day!

Huzzah for St Patrick! But first....

I'm sure many of you have heard that the "Spam King" has plead guilty to a bunch of charges. The story itself is not that interesting, until they get to the part where he's broke. So he has to pay restitution somehow. Instead of money he has to pay with stuff. This is the best part:

Among the assets Soloway agrees might be subject to forfeiture are 24 pairs of sunglasses worth $3,724*

That made me laugh. Those of you who know me, or at least have seen my room, might know why. A normal person might think, upon reading that, "who in their right mind would have that many sunglasses?"

I thought "really? only 24?"

Actually, I only have 21. I had 27, but got rid of several pairs when I moved. After all, 27 pairs of sunglasses, that's a little excessive. You don't believe me? Hold on, let me grab my camera.

Yes, those really are all mine. If you don't believe me, look closer. You can see my reflection in a few of the lenses. I'm pretty sure they are not worth anywhere near $3,724 - With one exception, I haven't paid more than $15 for any of them. The exception is the pair I have for biking, that cost me $30.

Now back to St Patty's Day. Wear green! Get drunk! Rid your country of snakes! Find gold at the ends of rainbows! Beware leprechauns, they're tricky little devils. Cheers mate!

*from Seattle Pi, which was the first result I got when I asked google about it. I heard the story, and about the sunglasses, this morning on NPR.


Shani said...

Some of those sunglasses would be so unbelievably perfect for a librarian on a tropical island...

ShamRock On!

Cassie the Great said...

I'll have to look into that. I could totally be a librarian on a tropical island. I'm obviously already qualified. I mean, I have the glasses, and I'm an award winning blogger.

veganaron said...

Ya know "Saint" Patrick was the one who killed all the Celts and "converted" them to be Catholics, right?

He was and is a douche. :)

Cassie the Great said...

He got rid of the snakes though, right? Anyway... Beer!